This client service configures a connection to a Gremlin Server and allows Gremlin queries to be executed against the Gremlin Server. For more information on Gremlin and Gremlin Server, see the Apache Tinkerpop project.

Warning for New Users

A common issue when creating Gremlin scripts for first time users is to accidentally return an unserializable object. Gremlin is a Groovy DSL and so it behaves like compiled Groovy including returning the last statement in the script. This is an example of a Gremlin script that could cause unexpected failures:

    g.V().hasLabel("person").has("name", "John Smith").valueMap()

The valueMap() step is not directly serializable and will fail. To fix that you have two potential options:

    //Return a Map
    g.V().hasLabel("person").has("name", "John Smith").valueMap().next()


    g.V().hasLabel("person").has("name", "John Smith").valueMap()
    true //Return boolean literal