The GetSnowflakeIngestStatus processor can be used to get the status of a staged file ingested by a Snowflake pipe. To wait until a staged file is fully ingested (copied into the table) you should connect this processor's "retry" relationship to itself. The processor requires an upstream connection that provides the path of the staged file to be checked through the "snowflake.staged.file.path" attribute. See StartSnowflakeIngest processor for details about how to properly set up a flow to ingest staged files. NOTE: Snowflake pipes cache the paths of ingested files and never ingest the same file multiple times. This can cause the processor to enter an "infinite loop" with a FlowFile that has the same "snowflake.staged.file.path" attribute as a staged file that has been previously ingested by the pipe. It is recommended that the retry mechanism be configured to avoid these scenarios.