This processor acts as a client endpoint to interact with the Workday API. It is capable of reading reports from Workday RaaS and transferring the content directly to the output, or you can define the required Record Reader and RecordSet Writer, so you can transform the report to the required format.

Supported report formats

In case of json source you need to set the following parameters in the JsonTreeReader:

It is possible to hide specific columns from the response if you define the Writer scheme explicitly in the configuration of the RecordSet Writer.

Example: Remove name2 column from the response

Let's say we have the following record structure:

                RecordSet (
                  Record (
                    Field "name1" = "value1",
                    Field "name2" = 42
                  Record (
                    Field "name1" = "value2",
                    Field "name2" = 84

If you would like to remove the "name2" column from the response, then you need to define the following writer schema:

                  "name": "test",
                  "namespace": "nifi",
                  "type": "record",
                  "fields": [
                    { "name": "name1", "type": "string" }