Starting the data flow

Learn how run the flow and verify that data is successfully transferred to the Iceberg table.

  1. Select all the data flow components you want to start.
  2. Click the Start icon in the Actions toolbar.
    Alternatively, you can right-click an individual component and choose Start from the context menu.
Your data flow should be running without any errors. Data should be generated in the form of FlowFiles, and the files should be written to your Iceberg-formatted table.

To verify the operation of your Iceberg ingest data flow:

  • Check that data is running through the flow that you have built and it actually appears in the target table.

  • Monitor the NiFi processors to ensure they are not encountering any errors during the data transfer process.

  • Use the NiFi user interface to examine the volume of data passing through processors. You can also access status history by right-clicking the processors or connections.

  • Query and analyze the ingested data using Hue.