Pushing data to Ozone using Apache NiFi

Integrating Apache NiFi with Ozone enables you to transfer data to Ozone storage within a secure CDP cluster. You can acquire data from various sources, including local file systems, databases, or other storage systems, and push this data to Ozone. Depending on your specific data source, you will need to incorporate the appropriate processors into your dataflow.

To extract data from the source system, you can use processors such as GetFile or GetDatabaseTable. Once you have acquired the data, Apache NiFi offers the PutHDFS and PutCDPObjectStore processors that help you to transfer the data to Ozone.

If you need to move data from Ozone, you can use the FetchHDFS / FetchCDPObjectStore or the ListHDFS / ListCDPObjectStore processors for the transfer.

The following example shows you a dataflow that generates sample data with the GenerateFlowFile processor and writes this data to Ozone.