Setting up your network configuration

You can use NiFi's site-to-site capabilities over a RAW TCP or over an HTTP network configuration. For this use case, you must configure site-to-site using HTTP over TLS. This has the advantage of using the NiFi port, which is also used to access the NiFi UI and APIs.

For the purpose of this use case, set up your site-to-site network configurations with the following assumptions:

  • You are not using site-to-site through any proxy configuration
  • You have a direct connection on port 8443 between NiFi nodes on your CDP Private Cloud Base and CDP Private Cloud clusters

Set up your network configuration according to your architecture and requirements. For more information, see your Cloud provider documentation.

In this use case, NiFi on CDP Private Cloud Base is responsible for initiating the site-to-site connection between the two environments to push and pull data to and from the NiFi cluster in Public Cloud. The NiFi nodes in CDP Public Cloud must be reachable on port 8443 from the NiFi nodes in CDP Private Cloud Base, but not necessarily the other way around.