Creating a Parameter Context from a Parameter Group

Learn how to create a Parameter Context from a Parameter Group that stores Parameters fetched from an external source using a Parameter Provider.

You must have fetched parameters from an external source. See Fetching Parameters.
  1. Select Controller Settings from the top-right Global menu in the NiFi UI.
    The NiFi Settings dialog opens.
  2. Go to the PARAMETER PROVIDERS tab.
  3. Click the Fetch Parameters (down arrow) icon of FileParameterProvider.
    The Fetch Parameters dialog opens.
  4. Select Create Parameter Context.
    • A star appears next to the parameters Parameter Group. The star indicates that the Parameter Group has an associated Parameter Context.
    • Checkboxes appear next to the Parameter names.
    • The Parameter Context Name field appears.

      Enter a name for your Parameter Context. In this example, it is My Parameters.

  5. Select the Parameters that you want to set as sensitive.
    In this example, only the sys.admin.password Parameter needs to be set to sensitive.
  6. Click APPLY to create the Parameter Context.
  7. Click Close in the Fetch Parameters dialog.
  • The newly created Parameter Context appears under the SETTINGS tab of the Configure Parameter Provider dialog.
  • The Parameters appear under the PARAMETERS tab of the Update Parameter Context dialog. Only the values of the non-sensitive Parameters can be read. The Parameters cannot be edited. The Parameter Provider can add, remove, or update Parameters in this Parameter Context.
  • You can view the new Parameter Context in the NiFi Parameter Contexts list by clicking its name.
  • You can view the details of the Parameter Context in the Update Parameter Context dialog by clicking .
  • You can return to the NiFi Settings by clicking the right arrow icon in the listing.