Managing Alerts

Minimum Required Role: Limited Cluster Administrator (also provided by Full Administrator and Cluster Administrator)

The Administration > Alerts page provides a summary of the settings for alerts in your clusters.

Alert Type The left column lets you select by alert type (Health, Log, or Activity) and within that by service instance. In the case of Health alerts, you can look at alerts for Hosts as well. You can select an individual service to see just the alert settings for that service.

Health/Log/Activity Alert Settings Depending on your selection in the left column, the right hand column show you the list of alerts that are enabled or disabled for the selected service type.

To change the alert settings for a service, click Edit next to the service name. This will take you to the Monitoring section of the Configuration tab for the service. From here you can enable or disable alerts and configure thresholds as needed.

Recipients You can also view the list of recipients configured for the enabled alerts.

Configuring Alert Delivery

When you install Cloudera Manager you can configure the mail server you will use with the Alert Publisher. However, if you need to change these settings, you can do so under the Alert Publisher section of the Management Services configuration tab. Under the Alert Publisher role of the Cloudera Manager Management Service, you can configure email or SNMP delivery of alert notifications and you can also configure a custom script that runs in response to an alert.

Viewing Which Alerts are Enabled and Disabled

Minimum Required Role: Cluster Administrator (also provided by Full Administrator)

Select Administration > Alerts.