Configuring Cloudera Manager for High Availability

You can configure Cloudera Manager for high availability. This configuration provides failover capability in case an instance of Cloudera Manager fails.

These steps configure Cloudera Manager into an highly available Active-Passive configuration. The Active-Passive configuration supports only 2 hosts running Cloudera Manager along with an external load balancer. Load balancer configuration defines the active vs passive hosts and active host serves all requests during normal operation. The load balancer monitors both active and passive hosts and automatically diverts requests to the passive host if the active host is unresponsive for a given (configured in the load balancer) period of time. If the active host becomes available again, the load balancer automatically redirects the requests back to the active host. Cloudera Manager also internally uses a priority parameter to decide which host will take the active role to process commands within the system and which host will take over the passive role when both hosts boot up and become functional.

Figure 1. Architecture