Cloudera Manager User Roles

Access to Cloudera Manager features is controlled by user accounts that specify an authentication mechanism and one or more user roles

User roles determine the tasks that an authenticated user can perform and the features visible to the user in the Cloudera Manager Admin Console. In addition to the default user roles, you can create user roles that apply only to specific clusters.

Documentation for Cloudera Manager administration and management tasks indicate user roles required to perform the task.

Displaying Your Roles

To view your roles, perform the following step:

  1. In the Cloudera Manager Admin Console, select <username> > My Profile.

Default User Roles

By default, Cloudera Manager ships with user roles that have privileges for all clusters managed by Cloudera Manager. You can create roles that are a combination of a default user role and privileges on a specific cluster. For more information about this type of role, see #cm_clusterrole.

The following table describes the actions each user role can perform: