Viewing MapReduce Activities

The Jobs page for the MapReduce service displays a list of activities that you can view.

  1. Select Clusters > Cluster name > MapReduce service name Jobs.
    The columns in the Activities list show statistics about the performance of and resources used by each activity.
  2. Optionally, you can modify the default display by adding or removing columns.
    • The leftmost column holds a shortcut menu button (). Click this button to display a menu of commands relevant to the job shown in that row. The possible commands are:


      For a Pig, Hive or Oozie activity, takes you to the Children tab of the individual activity page. You can also go to this page by clicking the activity ID in the activity list. This command only appears for Pig, Hive or Oozie activities.


      For a MapReduce job, takes you to the Tasks tab of the individual job page. You can also go to this page by clicking the job ID in the activity or activity children list. This command only appears for a MapReduce job.


      Takes you to the Details tab where you can view the activity or job statistics in report form.


      Takes you to the Compare tab where you can see how the selected activity compares to other similar activities in terms of a wide variety of metrics.

      Task Distribution

      Takes you to the Task Distribution tab where you can view the distribution of task attempts that made up this job, by amount of data and task duration. This command is available for MapReduce and Streaming jobs.

      Kill Job

      A pop-up asks for confirmation that you want to end the job. This command is available only for MapReduce and Streaming jobs.

    • The second column shows a chart icon (). Select this to chart statistics for the job. If there are charts showing similar statistics for the cluster or for other jobs, the statistics for the job are added to the chart. See the topic Activity Charts for more details.
    • The third column shows the status of the job, if the activity is a MapReduce job:

      The job has been submitted.

      The job has been started.

      The job is assumed to have succeeded.

      The job has finished successfully.

      The job's final state is unknown.

      The job has been suspended.

      The job has failed.

      The job has been killed.

    • The fourth column shows the type of activity:

      MapReduce job

      Pig job

      Hive job

      Oozie job

      Streaming job