Adding a Service

After using the Management Console to set up a cluster, you can add additional services.

When adding a service in CDP Public Cloud, you use the Host Templates created during set up of the cluster to add role groups for each of the roles in a service. You cannot add a role directly to a host. After adding the appropriate role group to the Host Template, you can scale up the cluster by applying the Host Template to the host. You can then re-apply the Host Template to all hosts, or you can scale up the cluster by applying a Host Template to the new hosts.

Each role should be assigned to a Host Template that is configured for master, worker, or gateway roles. Templates for master roles usually assign the role to a single host. Templates for worker or gateway hosts can assign roles to multiple hosts.

Minimum Required Role: Limited Cluster Administrator (also provided by Full Administrator and Cluster Administrator)

To add a service:
  1. On the Home > Status tab, click to the right of the cluster name and select Add a Service. A list of service types display. You can add one type of service at a time.
  2. Select a service and click Continue. If you are missing required binaries, a pop-up displays asking if you want to continue with adding the service.
  3. Select the services on which the new service should depend. All services must depend on the same ZooKeeper service. Click Continue.
    The Assign Templates page displays.
  4. A list of roles displays on the page. For each role, select a Host template for the role. To see the current allocation of roles and role groups, click the View By Host Template button.
  5. Click Continue
  6. Review and modify configuration settings, such as data directory paths and heap sizes and click Continue. The service is started.
  7. Click Continue then click Finish. You are returned to the home page.
  8. Verify the new service is started properly by checking the health status for the new service. If the Health Status is Good, then the service started properly.