Kafka Connect Connector Task Error Metrics Metrics

Metric Name Description Unit CDH Version
kafka_connect_connector_task_error_metrics_last_error_timestamp The epoch timestamp when this task last encountered an error. message.units.timestamps [CDH 5.0.0..CDH 8.0.0)
kafka_connect_connector_task_error_metrics_total_errors_logged The number of messages that was logged into either the dead letter queue or with Log4j. message.units.error_messages [CDH 5.0.0..CDH 8.0.0)
kafka_connect_connector_task_error_metrics_total_record_errors Total number of errors seen by this task. records [CDH 5.0.0..CDH 8.0.0)
kafka_connect_connector_task_error_metrics_total_record_failures Total number of failures seen by this task. records [CDH 5.0.0..CDH 8.0.0)
kafka_connect_connector_task_error_metrics_total_records_skipped Total number of records skipped by this task. records [CDH 5.0.0..CDH 8.0.0)
kafka_connect_connector_task_error_metrics_total_retries Total number of retries made by this task. message.units.retries [CDH 5.0.0..CDH 8.0.0)