Known Issues in Cloudera Manager 7.6.2

Known issues in Cloudera Manager 7.6.2

OPSAPS-63640: Monitoring a high number of Kafka producers might cause Cloudera Manager to slow down and run out of memory
This issue has two workarounds. You can either configure a Kafka producer metric allow list or completely disable producer metrics.
  • Configure a Kafka producer metric allow list:
    A producer metric allow list can be configured by adding the following properties to Kafka Broker Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for
    producer.metrics.whitelist=[***ALLOW LIST REGEX***]

    Replace [***ALLOW LIST REGEX***] with a regular expression matching the of the producers that you want to add to the allow list. This regular expression uses the java.util.regex.Pattern class to compile the regular expression, and uses the match() method on the to determine whether it fits the regular expression.

    Once configured, the metrics of producers whose does not match the regular expression provided in producer.metrics.whitelist are filtered.Kafka no longer reports these metrics through the HTTP metrics endpoint. Additionally, existing metrics of the producers whose does not match the regular expression are deleted.

    Because the allow list filters metrics based on the of the producers, you must ensure that the property is specified in each producer's configuration. Automatically generated client IDs might cause the number of unnecessary metrics to increase even if an allow list is configured.

  • Completely disable producer metrics:

    Producer metrics can be completely disabled by unchecking the Enable Producer Metrics Kafka service property.