Getting started with CSA Community Edition

You can use the Community Edition Getting Started Guide to learn and try the basic steps to use SQL Stream Builder through the Streaming SQL Console. The Getting Started Guide details the steps of how to create a table, run a query, create a view and add a Materialized View.

Who is this guide for?

The Getting Started Guide for the Community Edition is written for anyone who wants to get familiar with Cloudera Streaming Analytics. The Getting Started Guide is not intended to be a technical manual for Cloudera Streaming Analytics. Based on the nature of the Community Edition, this guide serves as a starting point to have an end-to-end and quick experience of using SQL Stream Builder built on top of Flink.

Where should I start?

Use the following checklist to ensure that you have everything set up to use the Getting Started Guide:

If you missed any step from the checklist, review the Installation Guide where the information to complete the checklist can be found.

If you have checked all of the boxes from the checklist, you are ready to use the Getting Started Guide.

Getting Started Guide: