Kafka Metrics Reporter

In Cloudera Streaming Analytics, Kafka Metrics Reporter is available as another monitoring solution when Kafka is used as a connector within the pipeline to retrieve metrics about your streaming performance.

Flink offers a flexible Metrics Reporter API for collecting the metrics generated by your streaming pipelines. Cloudera provides an additional implementation of this, which writes metrics to Kafka with the following JSON schema:
  "timestamp" : number -> millisecond timestamp of the metric record
  "name" : string -> name of the metric 
    (e.g. numBytesOut)
  "type" : string -> metric type enum: GAUGE, COUNTER, METER, HISTOGRAM
  "variables" : {string => string} -> Scope variables 
    (e.g. {"<job_id>" : "123", "<host>" : "localhost"})
  "values" : {string => number} -> Metric specific values 
    (e.g. {"count" : 100})

For more information about Metrics Reporter, see the Apache Flink documentation.

Configuration of Kafka Metrics Reporter

The Kafka metrics reporter can be configured similarly to other upstream metric reporters.

Required parameters
  • topic: target Kafka topic where the metric records will be written at the configured intervals
  • bootstrap.servers: Kafka server addresses to set up the producer
Optional parameters
  • interval: reporting interval, default value is 10 seconds, format is 60 SECONDS
  • log.errors: logging of metric reporting errors, value either true or false
You can configure the Kafka metrics reporter per job using the following command line properties:
flink run -d -p 2 -ynm HeapMonitor \
-yD metrics.reporter.kafka.class=org.apache.flink.metrics.kafka.KafkaMetricsReporter \
-yD metrics.reporter.kafka.topic=metrics-topic.log \
-yD metrics.reporter.kafka.bootstrap.servers=<kafka_broker>:9092 \
-yD metrics.reporter.kafka.interval="60 SECONDS" \
-yD metrics.reporter.kafka.log.errors=false \
The following is a more advanced Flink command that also contains security related configurations:
flink run -d -p 2 -ynm HeapMonitor \
-yD security.kerberos.login.keytab=some.keytab \
-yD security.kerberos.login.principal=some_principal \
-yD metrics.reporter.kafka.class=org.apache.flink.metrics.kafka.KafkaMetricsReporter \
-yD metrics.reporter.kafka.topic=metrics-topic.log \
-yD metrics.reporter.kafka.bootstrap.servers=<kafka_broker>:9093 \
-yD metrics.reporter.kafka.interval="60 SECONDS" \
-yD metrics.reporter.kafka.log.errors=false \
-yD metrics.reporter.kafka.security.protocol=SASL_SSL \
-yD metrics.reporter.kafka.sasl.kerberos.service.name=kafka \
-yD metrics.reporter.kafka.ssl.truststore.location=truststore.jks \

You can also set the metrics properties globally in Cloudera Manager using Flink Client Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for flink-conf-xml/flink-conf.xml.

Arbitrary Kafka producer properties

The reporter supports passing arbitrary Kafka producer properties that can be used to modify the behavior, enable security, and so on. Serializer classes should not be modified as it can lead to reporting errors.

See the following example configuration of the Kafka Metrics Reporter:
# Required configuration
metrics.reporter.kafka.topic: metrics-topic.log
metrics.reporter.kafka.bootstrap.servers: broker1:9092,broker2:9092

# Optional configuration
metrics.reporter.kafka.interval: 60 SECONDS
metrics.reporter.kafka.log.errors: false

# Optional Kafka producer properties
metrics.reporter.kafka.security.protocol: SSL