Flink DDL

Flink SQL supports Data Definition Language (DDL) statements to create, modify and remove objects within a data structure.

The following table summarizes the supported DDL statements in SQL Stream Builder:
DDL Description Option
CREATE TABLE Creating table for the SQL query. You can create tables based on the supported connectors.
  • Adding WATERMARK and PRIMARY KEY information
  • Creating table with LIKE clause
CREATE VIEW Creating custom views using columns from tables. There is no physical data behind a view.
  • Adding queries, expressions and joins
CREATE FUNCTION Creating User Defined Function (UDF) for a query.
  • Using Javascript or Java language
  • Using Functions tab on Streaming SQL Console
DROP TABLE Deleting a table, view or function.
  • Using Streaming SQL Console functionality to delete table, view or function
ALTER TABLE Modifying table, view or function properties.
  • Using RENAME TO or SET for table
  • Using RENAME TO or AS for view and function
For more information about Flink SQL, see the Apache Flink documentation.