Streaming Analytics in Cloudera

Cloudera Streaming Analytics (CSA) offers real-time stream processing and streaming analytics powered by Apache Flink. Flink implemented on CDP provides a flexible streaming solution with low latency that can scale to large throughput and state. In addition to Flink, CSA includes SQL Stream Builder (SSB) to offer data analytical experience using SQL queries on your data streams.

Key features of Cloudera Streaming Analytics

Apache Flink
CSA is powered by Apache Flink that offers a framework for real-time stream processing and streaming analytics. CSA offers the features and functionalities of the upstream Apache Flink integrated on CDP Private Cloud Base.
SQL Stream Builder
SQL Stream Builder is a job management interface to compose and run Continuous Streaming SQL on streams using Apache Flink as an engine, as well as to create REST APIs for the results.
Cloudera Platform
Implementing Flink on the Cloudera Platform allows you to easily integrate with Runtime components, and have all the advantages of cluster and service management with Cloudera Manager.
Streaming Platform
For streaming analytics, CSA fits into a complete streaming platform augmented by Apache Kafka, Schema Registry, Streams Messaging Manager in the Cloudera Runtime stack.
Supported Connectors
CSA offers a set of connectors for Flink and SSB from which you can choose from based on your requirements. Kafka, HBase, HDFS, Kudu and Hive connectors are available for Flink. Kafka, HDFS/S3, JDBC and a set of the Debezium CDC connectors are available for SSB. Other than the connectors, SSB also supports Schema Registry, Hive and Kudu as catalogs.
Monitoring Solutions
In CDP Private Cloud Base, Streams Messaging components provide tools that support the operational needs of CSA. For example, when Kafka is used as a connector, you can use Kafka Metrics Reporter and Streams Messaging Manager (SMM) for Kafka management and alerting of Kafka actions. Beside SMM, you can use the Flink Dashboard to monitor your Flink and SSB jobs.