System Requirements

Before installing Cloudera Streaming Analytics, you should verify that you meet the system requirements. Other than CDP Private Cloud Base, you should also check the latest supported version of the needed components.

For detailed information about the supported versions of CDP Private Cloud Base, operating systems and databases, see the Cloudera Support Matrix.

Apache Flink support 1.18.0
Cloudera Runtime component support in 7.1.9
Atlas 3.0.0
HBase 2.4.17
HDFS 3.1.1
Hive 3.1.3
Kafka1 3.4.1
Kudu 1.17.0
Schema Registry 0.10.0
Streams Messaging Manager 2.3.0
Connector support
JDBC PostgreSQL 9.6-12
JDBC MySQL 5.7, 8
JDBC Hive 3.1.3
CDC PostgreSQL 9.6-12
CDC MySQL 5.7, 8
CDC Oracle 19.0.0
CDC Db2 11.5
CDC SQL Server 2007-2022
Apache Iceberg 1.3.0
1 Connecting to Kafka that is running on remote CDH6 or HDP3 is also supported.