Enabling Knox Auto Discovery for Flink

The Auto Discovery feature of Knox is supported for Flink. This means that you only need to enable the Knox Auto Discovery feature for Flink, and Cloudera Manager provides and manages all the required service definition files.

  1. Go to your cluster in Cloudera Manager.
  2. Select SQL Stream Builder from the list of services.
  3. Click Configuration.
  4. Search for flink in the Search field.
    The Enable Auto Discovery (cdp-proxy) - Flink property is listed.
  5. Check the Auto Discovery (cdp-proxy) property box for the Enable Auto Discovery (cdp-proxy) - Flink property.
  6. Click on Save changes
    The Refresh needed indicator appears beside the Knox service name.
  7. Refresh Knox.
Knox is enabled for the Flink Dashboard.
Complete the steps in Accessing the Flink Dashboard through Knox section to open the Flink Dashboard.