Monitoring SQL Stream jobs

You can monitor your SQL Stream jobs using the Streaming SQL Console and the Flink Dashboard.

Using the Streaming SQL Console

To monitor your jobs with Streaming SQL Console:
  1. Click on Console on the main menu.
  2. Click on the SQL Jobs tab, and choose a State.
    You can choose between Running, Stopped, Cancelled and Failed state.
  3. Select the job you would like to monitor.
  4. Select the Details tab on the bottom panel.
  5. Select the Log tab on the bottom panel.
The Logs tab shows detailed logging from the Flink job itself - any exceptions will be logged here. As the job processes messages, a count of messages processed is spooled to the log every 5 seconds:
8/13/2019, 9:42:49 AM - INFO - 2019-08-08 19:24:17.752157 : 5 Second Count:

History of SQL jobs

You can review all the SQL jobs that were executed on the History main tab. When you click on one of the SQL jobs, the SQL query and the job parameters will be automatically imported to the SQL window for execution. You can filter the SQL jobs by the Last time they run or by the SQL statement that was executed before.

Using the Flink Dashboard

You can also monitor your running SQL jobs using the Flink Dashboard. You can easily reach the Flink Dashboard on the SQL jobs tab under the Console main menu. When clicking on the Flink Dashboard, you will be redirected to the Flink Dashboard interface.