Managing teams in Streaming SQL Console

You can manage your team, team members and invite new team members under the Teams menu on the SQL Stream Builder console.

You can access the Teams menu thourhg Streaming SQL Console:

  1. Go to your cluster in Cloudera Manager.
  2. Click on SQL Stream Builder from the list of Services.
  3. Click on SQLStreamBuilder Console.

    The Streaming SQL Console opens up in a new window

  4. Click on your username.
  5. Click on Teams.
    You are redirected to the Teams page.

By default, a new user is assigned to the SQLStreamBuilder team which is a default team for the administrator within SSB. Every user that can access the Streaming SQL Console on the same cluster, will be automatically added and listed as Team Members in the SQLStreamBuilder team. Only the administrator has the privilege to change the access level for a team member, and inactivate-activate a team member from the SQLStreamBuilder team. Team members can create their own team. In this case, only the Team Owner can delete their team. A team can be deleted by the Team Owner of that certain team. A team cannot be deleted if it is a primary team of a user or it is the default team (SQLStreamBuilder).

Every team member in a team (this can be the SQLStreamBuilder team or user created team) can access the created Virtual Tables, User Defined Functions, Materialized Views and API keys within a team. A team member can also view the jobs submitted in a team they are a member of. A user can be a part of multiple teams, and can switch between them. On the Streaming SQL Console, the currently selected team is shown under Active Team header.

A team member can invite other members to join their team. The invitation can be accepted or ignored. To view the invitation within a team click on the View Team Invitations button.