Generating download credentials

You can use your Cloudera Streaming Analytics (CSA) license key to generate download credentials. With the download credentials, you can access the CSA repository from where you can download the artifacts directly. Using the repository, you do not need to access the downloads page.

The license key file is sent to your email account along with your download credentials.

You can use the download credentials to access the CSA repository containing the parcels and the CSD files.

In case you do not have access to your download credentials anymore, you can identify and generate them using your license key file.

  1. Log into your MyCloudera account.
  2. On the CDP Private Cloud Base Download page, click Download Now and scroll down to the Credential Generator.
  3. In the Generate Credentials text box, copy and paste the entire content of your CSA license key file.
  4. Click on Get Credentials. The credentials generator returns your username and password for download.
You have generated your download credentials using the license key file.