Download location of CSA

The Cloudera Streaming Analytics (CSA) software artifacts can be downloaded from the Cloudera Archive. To access the Flink and SQL Stream Builder (SSB) artifacts, you must have an active subscription agreement and a license key file along with the required authentication credentials (username and password).

Download instructions

The license key file and authentication credentials are provided in an email sent to customer accounts from Cloudera as part of the subscription fulfillment process.
In case you did not receive an email or do not have access to your authentication credentials, you can retrieve them in the following ways:
  • Contact your Cloudera sales representative.
  • File a non-technical case within the Cloudera support portal for our Support team to assist you.
  • Use the CDP Private Cloud Credential Generator (requires a license key):
    1. Log in to the account associated with your license and subscription agreement on
    2. Go to the CDP Private Cloud Base Downloads page.
    3. Click Download Now.
    4. Enter the text of the “PGP Signed Message” within your license key in the Generate Credentials text box.
    5. Click Generate Credentials.

      The Credential Generator returns your username and password.

Once you have obtained your credentials, you can use them to access the software artifacts on the Cloudera Archive.
You can directly click any of the links provided in the following tables and provide your credentials through a browser prompt. Alternatively, you can also manually construct a URL that contains the credentials. For example:

Download location of CSA artifacts