Default ports for Flink and SSB

The following table lists the default ports and the corresponding property file names for Flink and SSB. The ports are set by default in Cloudera Manager. You can change the ports as required using the configuration properties.
Component Service Port Configuration property
Flink Flink Dashboard 18211 historyserver.web.port
SQL Stream Builder Streaming SQL Engine 18121 server.port
Materialized View Engine 18131 server.port
SQL Stream Builder with Load Balancer Streaming SQL Engine 8080 ssb.sse.loadbalancer.server.port
Secured Streaming SQL Engine 8445
Materialized View Engine 8081 ssb.mve.loadbalancer.server.port
Secured Materialized View Engine 8444

For the default port list of the Cloudera Runtime components, see the Ports Used by Cloudera Runtime Components document.