JDBC connector

When using the JDBC connector, you can choose between using a PostgreSQL, MySQL or Hive databases. Based on the connector type you choose, there are mandatory fields where you must provide the correct information.

Template: jdbc
Using either PostgreSQL, MySQL or Hive as databases. When you use the JDBC connector, you must specify the JDBC database which are going to be used for the connection.
Type: source/sink
The following fields are mandatory to use the connector:
  • url: The URL of the JDBC database. No default value is specified.
  • table-name: The name of the JDBC table in the database that you need to connecto to. No default value is specified.

Using the JDBC connector

You can access and import the templates of the JDBC connector from Streaming SQL Console:

  1. Navigate to the Streaming SQL Console.
    1. Go to your cluster in Cloudera Manager.
    2. Click on SQL Stream Builder from the list of Services.
    3. Click on the SQLStreamBuilder Console.

      The Streaming SQL Console opens in a new window.

  2. Click Create Job or select a previous job on the Getting Started page.
  3. Click Templates at the SQL Editor.
  4. Select the JDBC template.

    The template is imported to the SQL window.

  5. Provide information to the mandatory fields of the template.
  6. Click Execute.