Component versions

CSM Operatorcomponents and their versions shipped in this release of CSM Operator.

Table 1. CSM Operatorcomponent versions
Component Version
Cruise Control

Supported Kafka versions

CSM Operator supports the following Kafka versions:

Table 2. Supported Kafka versions
Latest (default) Other None

The latest version is the current and latest supported Kafka version. This version is used by default to deploy clusters if an explicit version is not provided in your Kafka resource. The default version is the Cloudera-recommended version. Other supported versions are previous Kafka releases that are also supported.

Notice that the Kafka versions are specific to Cloudera. The version is made up of two parts. The first three digits specify the Apache Kafka version. The digits following the Apache Kafka version specify the major and minor version of CSM Operator. When deploying a cluster, you must use the Cloudera versions for Kafka listed here. Specifying upstream versions is not supported.