When using the Community Edition and encounter an error, you can use the following examples to help you troubleshoot the issue.

'Port is already in use' error message
You need to verify that the required ports are available and not already in use.
Use one of the following commands to see which ports are in used:
  • MacOS/Windows: netstat -an
  • Linux: netstat -nlp or ss -nlp
exited 137 error message
If you see tmp-sqlio-1 exited with code 137 error message in the Streaming SQL Engine log, you need to modify the docker memory settings.
Open Docker Desktop, go to the Settings > Resources, and set memory limit to 4 GB
If you need to restart the Community Edition from scratch, you can run the following command to remove specific volumes and containers locally from Docker:
docker-compose down
docker rm <container_name_1> <container_name2>
docker volume rm <volume_name_1> <volume_name2>
docker-compose up -d

If you have any question or would like to provide feedback, you can join the community conversation on the Cloudera Stream Processing Forum.