Tracking Profiler Jobs

The Data Catalog profiler page is updated to provide a better user experience for tracking respective profiler jobs.

A new placeholder named “Schedule” is introduced under the Profilers section to provide tracking information of each profiler job. Under Schedule, you can find the type of profiler job that has run or in progress or has completed profiling data assets.

For each profiler job, you can view the details about:

  • Job Status
  • Type
  • Job ID
  • Start Time
  • Stage
  • Job Queue
  • Total assets profiled

Using this data can help you to troubleshoot failed jobs or even understand how the jobs were profiled and other pertinent information that can help you to manage your profiled assets. Whenever the Schedule status appears in green, it indicates that the profiler job has run successfully. When the color appears in blue and red, it indicates that the profiler job is running or has failed.

Profiler job runs in three phases:

  • Scheduler Service - Part of Profiler Admin which queues the profiler requests.
  • Livy - This service is managed by YARN and where the actual asset profiling takes place.
  • Metrics Service - Reads the profiled data files and publishes them.

Clicking on each profiled asset would navigate to the profiled asset details page. The asset profiled page provides information about the profiled asset, profiled status, the profiled job id, and other relevant details.

In case of Ranger Audit profiling, there could be a “NA” status for the total number of assets profiled. It indicates that the auditing that happens is dependent on the Ranger policies. In other words, the Ranger policies are actually profiled and not the assets.

Important: Currently, the On-Demand schedule is not supported for this version of the profiler. The job schedule is either grayed out or disabled in such a scenario.