Prerequisite to access Data Catalog service

To access Data Catalog service, you must have the required credentials.

Follow these instructions to provide the required access to the Data Catalog users.

The PowerUser must provide the requisite access to subscribers who plan to use Data Catalog as per the requirement.

There are a couple of roles based on which you can use Data Catalog:
  • DataCatalogCspRuleManager
  • DataCatalogCspRuleViewer

Using DataCatalogCspRuleManager role, you can create, deploy new Custom Sensitivity Profiler rules, create new Regex, and run validations on newly created rules.

Using DataCatalogCspRuleViewer role, you can list and view the existing Custom Sensitivity Profiler rules.

Additionally, using Cloudera Manager, you must configure Atlas and Ranger services. Use the following instructions to complete the process.

  1. Cloudera Manager > Clusters > Atlas > Configuration.
  2. Enable the Kerberos Authentication for the Atlas service.
  3. In the search bar, look up the following property:conf/atlas-application.properties_role_safety_valve and enter the values for the Atlas service:




  4. For the Ranger configuration updates, go to Cloudera Manager > Clusters > Ranger > Configuration.
  5. In the search bar, look up the following property:conf/ranger-admin-site.xml and enter the values for the Ranger service:

    Name: ranger.proxyuser.dpprofiler.hosts

    Value: *

    Name: ranger.proxyuser.dpprofiler.users

    Value: *

    Name: ranger.proxyuser.dpprofiler.groups

    Value: *

Later, restart Atlas and Ranger services respectively.