Additional Entity type selection for searching Assets

Using the Data Catalog service, you can search for assets by using the entity types.

Data Catalog users can search and discover assets of more types. Users can search assets of types just like they do for Hive Table with some restrictions.

Supported entity types include:
  • HBase Table

  • HBase Column Family

  • HBase Namespace

  • HDFS Path

  • Hive DB

  • Hive Table

  • Hive Column

  • ML Project

  • ML Model Build

  • ML Model Deployment

  • NiFi Flow

  • NiFi Data

  • Impala Process

  • Impala Column Lineage

  • Impala Process Execution

  • Kafka Topic


  • RDBMS Column

  • RDBMS Foreign Key

  • RDBMS Index

  • RDBMS Instance

  • RDBMS Table

  • Spark Process

  • Spark Application

  • Spark Column

  • Spark Column Lineage

  • Spark DB

  • Spark ML Directory

  • Spark ML Model

  • Spark ML Pipeline

  • Spark Process Execution

  • Spark Table

Selecting a type triggers a search query for that type. Currently two types of entities are supported but totally about twelve types of generic entities can be selected to search for assets depending on the data lake.

Owners data is derived from the response received from type based queries.

The following example diagrams depict the entity type selection search results.