Tag Management

From Atlas tags UI in Data Catalog, you can create, modify, and delete any of the Atlas tags in a Data Catalog instance.

You can access the Atlas link by logging into Data Catalog > Atlas Tags .

Atlas Tags allows the user to perform the following activities with a selected Data Lake for tag management:

  • Selecting a Data Lake
  • Searching for a tag
  • Adding a tag
  • Editing a tag
  • Deleting a tag

The new Atlas tags UI is displayed as seen in the diagram.

You can create a new tag in the Atlas tags UI. The following diagram provides an overview about the Create a new tag page.

You can add or update Atlas tags. The created or updated tag is highlighted in the tag list as seen in the following diagram.

You can also edit or delete the Atlas tag as shown in the image. When you are editing the tag, you can only change the description or add new attributes.

You can delete one Atlas tag at a time. A separate confirmation message appears.