Fixed issues

This section lists the issues that have been fixed since the previous version.

CDPDSS-2707: Custom Sensitivity Profiler (CSP) regex logic fails intermittently for complex regex
The issue was fixed by changing the regex validation flow. The previously used complex regex had a different type of syntax, which was directly passed on to the code. The profilers failed when these complex regular expressions were passed directly. Therefore, the complex regex strings are encrypted now and they are now stored in the database. Once the profiler execution starts and fetches this complex regex, it first decodes the string and then uses the regex mechanism.
CDPDSS-2830: Data Catalog running on JDK-17 in Private Cloud causes ClassNotFoundException and further failures
Data Catalog running on JDK-17 in Private Cloud causes a ClassNotFoundException and further failures which leads to the service being unusable. The service is restored by upgrading the Google Guice dependency manager to 6.0.0.
CDPDSS-2839: Hadoop version upgraded from to
The Hadoop version is upgraded from to to remediate CVE-2023-44487 and other CVE fixes are implemented as well.
CDPDSS-2843: While upgrading to Data Services 1.5.3, an unnamed module @0x4e38d975 exception error is thrown
The issue causing exceptions from the unnamed module, which previously necessitated a restart of the Data Catalog pod, has been addressed.