Before using Data Catalog

Before you commence using Data Catalog service, register the on-premises CDP Private Cloud Base cluster in Management Console and verify cluster access.

Verify the following:
  • Is the required on-premises cluster CDP Private Cloud Base cluster registered as a classic cluster on the Management Console? CDP Private Cloud Base clusters are managed by Cloudera Manager. To enable these on-premises clusters for Data Catalog, you must register them as classic clusters on the Management Console.
    For information about registering an on-premises cluster as a classic cluster, see Adding a CDP Private Cloud Base cluster. You must use 7183 as the Cloudera Manager Port value.
  • Do you have the required cluster access to use Data Catalog? Power users, the user who onboarded the source and target clusters, and users with ClassicClusterAdmin or ClassicClusterUser resource roles can perform defined Data Catalog on clusters for which they have access. For more information, see Understanding account roles and resource roles.