High Availability support for Profiler services

The Profiler Services is now supported by enabling the High Availability (HA) feature.

There are two types of Profiler Services:
  • Profiler Manager
  • Profiler Scheduler
The Profiler Manager service consists of Profiler administrators, metrics, and data discovery services. These three entities support HA. The HA feature supports Active-Active mode.
As of this update, there is a new user interface which is introduced to launch profilers in Data Catalog.
On the Data Catalog search page, select the data lake from which you want to launch the profiler cluster. On the right-hand side of the window, the application displays the page to set up the profiler for the selected data lake. Click the Get Started link to proceed.

For setting up the profiler, you have the option to enable or disable the HA. Note that the HA functionality is being supported only from Cloudera Runtime 7.2.10 release onwards. If you are using the Cloudera Runtime version below 7.2.10, you shall not be able to use the HA feature for launching the profiler services.

Once you enable HA and click Setup Profiler, Data Catalog processes the request and the profiler creation is in progress.
Later, a confirmation message appears that the profiler cluster is created.
Next, you can verify the profiler cluster creation under CDP Management Console > Environments > DataHubs pane. Note that the newly created profiler cluster has some unique representations under the following categories:
  • Data Hub Type - The term “ha” is appended to the type of cluster that is newly created.
  • Version - 7.2.10
  • Node Count - (Which is 6)

    Your Profiler cluster with HA is set up successfully.