Deleting profiler clusters

Deleting profiler cluster removes all the Custom Sensitivity Profiler rules and other updates to the specific cluster. It could also cause loss of data specific to currently applied rules on the deleted profiler cluster. removes all the Custom Sensitivity Profiler rules and other updates to the specified profiler.

To overcome this situation, when you decide to delete the profiler cluster, there is a provision to retain the status of the Custom Sensitivity Profiler rules. If your profiler cluster has rules that are not changed or updated, you can directly delete the profiler cluster. If the rules were modified or updated, you have an option to download the modified rules along with deletion. The modified rules consist of the suspended System rules and the deployed Custom rules.Using the downloaded rules, you can manually add or modify them to your newly added profiler cluster.
  1. On the search page, select the Data Lake from the list.
  2. Click the Actions drop-down menu and select Delete Cluster.
  3. Click Yes to proceed.
  4. Click Delete.
    The application displays the following message.

    When you upgrade / launch Data Catalog service in Cloudera Runtime version 7.2.14, and later if the profiler cluster is deleted, the following message is displayed.

    While using Data Catalog with Cloudera Runtime version 7.2.12 and below, and if the profiler cluster does not have any modified Custom Sensitivity Profiler rules, the following message is displayed.

    The profiler cluster is deleted successfully.

    Additionally, note that you can delete the profiler cluster in these situations, when:
    • Profiler cluster is up and running
    • Profiler cluster is created but stopped
    • Profiler cluster creation failed but is registered with the data lake
    • Profiler cluster is down and inaccessible