CDE CLI Spark flag reference

The Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) command Spark flag reference is shown below.

--application-file: application main file
--class: application main class
--arg: Spark argument
--conf: Spark configuration (format key=value) (can be repeated)
--num-executors: number of executors
--executor-cores: number of cores per executor
--executor-memory: memory per executor
--driver-memory: memory for driver
--driver-cores: number of driver cores
--spark-name: Spark application name
--file: additional file (can be repeated)
--jar: additional jar (can be repeated)
--py-file: additional Python file (can be repeated)
--packages: additional dependencies as comma-separated list of Maven coordinates
--repositories: additional repositories/resolvers for retrieving the --packages dependencies
--python-env-resource-name: Python environment resource name
--log-level: log level for Spark containers (TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL, OFF)