Creating a Python virtual environment resource

After you have created the requirements.txt file, you can create the python-env resource using the CDE command line interface (CLI).

  • Download and configure the CDE CLI.
  • Create a requirements.txt file specifying the Python package and version dependencies required by your CDE job.
  1. Run the cde resource create command as follows to create a Python virtual environment resource.
    cde resource create --name cde-python-env-resource --type python-env --python-version python3
  2. Upload the requirements.txt file to the resource.
    cde resource upload --name cde-python-env-resource --local-path ${HOME}/requirements.txt

When you first create a Python virtual environment resource, CDE builds the environment according to the requirements.txt file. During this build time, you cannot run a job associated with the virtual environment. You can check the status of the environment by running cde resource list-events --name <resource_name>. For example:

cde resource list-events --name cde-python-env-resource

The environment is ready when you see a message similar to the following:

    "id": 4,
    "message": "Job pp-84kgdgf6-resource-builder-cde-python-env-resource-1634911572 succeeded, marking resource with ready status",
    "created": "2021-10-22T14:09:13Z"