Scheduling jobs in Cloudera Data Engineering

Jobs in Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) can be run on demand, or scheduled to run on an ongoing basis. The following instructions demonstrate how to create or modify a schedule for an existing job.

  1. In the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) console, click the Data Engineering tile. The CDE Home page displays.
  2. Click Jobs on the left navigation menu. The Jobs page displays.
  3. Click in the Actions column next to the job, and then click Add Schedule.
  4. In the Schedule tab, click Create a Schedule.
  5. Set the Start time, End time, and Cron expression.
    The start and end times designate the time frame for which the schedule is active. The Cron expression uses the cron scheduling syntax to specify when the application should run within the start and end times. For information and examples of the cron syntax, see the Cron entry on Wikipedia.
  6. Click Schedule.