Prerequisites for setting up the cde-env tool

You must obtain the virtual cluster endpoint URL, CDP endpoint URL, and generate user keys for each user whose Spark jobs you are migrating over to CDE.

  1. Virtual Cluster Endpoint URL: Determine the virtual cluster endpoint URL.
    1. Navigate to the Cloudera Data Engineering Home page.
    2. In the Environments column, select the environment containing the virtual cluster you want to use.
    3. In the Virtual Clusters column on the right, click the Cluster Details icon for the virtual cluster you want to use to migrate your spark jobs to.
    4. Click JOBS API URL to copy the URL to your clipboard.
    5. Paste the URL into a text editor to identify the endpoint host. For example, the URL is similar to the following:
      In the above example, the endpoint host is
  2. CDP Endpoint URL: Copy the CDP console URL.
  3. Access Key: Generate access key for each user whose Spark jobs you are migrating over to CDE:
    1. Sign in to the Cloudera Data Platform console as an Administrator.
    2. In the Cloudera Data Platform Home page, click Management Console.
    3. On the left navigation menu, click Users.
    4. On the Users page, click the name of the user or the machine user account for which you want to generate an access key.
    5. On the user account page, go to the Access Keys section and click Generate Access Key.

      Cloudera Data Platform creates the key and displays the information on the screen.