CDE CLI list command syntax reference

You can include flags with the Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) command line interface (CLI) list command calls to filter the result set.

cde [credential|job|resource|run|...] list [--filter [fieldname[operator]argument]] [--filter [fieldname[operator]argument]] ...

A list command call can include multiple filter flags, where all filters must match for the entry to be returned. You have to enclose filters in quotes.

is selected from the top-level fields of the returned entries. Filtering of fields nested within other fields is supported using MySQL 8 JSON path expressions.
is one of: eq, noteq, lte, lt, gte, gt, in, notin, like, rlike. The in and notin operators work on an argument of comma-separated values. The like operator matches using SQL LIKE syntax, e.g. %test%. The rlike operator matches using the SQL REGEXP regular expression syntax.

is the value, list, or expression to match with the operator. If the argument contains commas the filter has to be enclosed in a second set of quotes, for example: '"id[in]12,14,16"'.

For example:

cde run list --filter 'spark.spec.file[rlike]jar'