CDE CLI Airflow flag reference

The Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) command Airflow flag reference is shown below.

cde airflow submit --help
  cde airflow submit [flags]

For a local DAG file '':
> cde airflow submit

      --airflow-file-mount-N-prefix string     mount directory prefix for airflow file mount N (defaults to "/airflow-file-mount-N-resource-name")
      --airflow-file-mount-N-resource string   resource name for airflow file mount N
      --config stringArray                     DEPRECATED - DAG configuration (format key=value) (can be repeated). Use --config-json option instead.
      --config-json string                     DAG configuration in JSON string format
      --config-json-file string                DAG configuration file location in JSON format
      --dag-file string                        DAG filename, path to the DAG within the resource
  -h, --help                                   help for submit
      --job-name string                        name of the generated job