Sessions command descriptions

The Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) command reference is shown below.

Command Definition
cde session create

Creates a CDE session. Sessions are identified by a user-specified name. Sessions have a type that defines the engine that the Session will run on. The 'spark-scala'[Scala REPL] and 'pyspark'[Python REPL] types are currently supported.

cde session interact Connects to a running session in a Spark shell similar to the interface and submit statements.
cde session kill Ends a session. The Spark driver and executor processes are stopped.
cde session delete Deletes a session and removes all references to the session. Logs will no longer be accessible.
cde session list Lists all sessions. The --output flag can be used to control the output format. You can use the `--output string output format ("table" or "json") (default "table")` flag to specify whether the Session’s output must be in a table or JSON format
cde session statements Lists session statements. The --output flag can be used to control the output format.
cde sessions describe –name <session_name> Describes the session. The command is used as an input to name the session.