Obtain a cluster definition from an existing cluster

You can obtain a cluster definition from the details of an existing clusters.

  1. Log in to the CDP web interface.
  2. In the Management Console, navigate to Data Hub Clusters and click on a specific cluster to navigate to cluster details.
  3. Click on Actions > Show CLI Command.
  4. Click on Copy the JSON to copy the content.
  5. Save the cluster definition.
  6. In the Management Console, navigate to Environments > Shared Resources > Cluster Definitions > Register Cluster Definition:
  7. Provide a name for your cluster definition
  8. Paste the cluster definition content directly, or by first saving it to a JSON file and then uploading the file.
  9. Click Register when done.
    Once done, your custom cluster definition is displayed under Environments > Shared Resources > Cluster Definitions.
Now you can use the registered custom cluster definition to create Data Hub clusters.