Cloudera Manager repo specification

You can specify a custom version of Cloudera Manager on the "Image Settings" page of the advanced create cluster wizard, under "Ambari Repo Specification".

By default, Data Hub uses the included prewarmed images with default Cloudera Manager and Cloudera Runtime version. If you would like to use a custom Cloudera Manager version:
  1. In the create cluster wizard, click on Advanced.
  2. Navigate to the Image Settings page.
  3. Under Choose image type, select to use a base image and then select a specific base image to use.
  4. Provide the following information under Cloudera Manager repo specification:
Parameter Description Example
Version Enter Cloudera Manager version. 7.0.0
Repo URL

Provide a URL to the Cloudera Manager version repo that you would like to use. Cloudera Manager version 7.x or newer are supported.