Access cluster UIs and endpoints

Once your cluster is running, you can access cluster UIs and endpoints from the cluster details page.

Links to Cloudera Manager and other cluster UIs are available from the Services section on the cluster details page and links to API endpoints (such as JDBC and ODBC) are available from the Endpoints tab:

To access any of the UIs:

  1. Click on the UI link.
  2. Confirm a security exception:
    Browser Steps
    Firefox Click Advanced > Click Add Exception… > Click Confirm Security Exception
    Safari Click Continue
    Chrome Click Advanced > Click Proceed…

    This is required because CDP is using a self-signed CA certificate.

  3. You will be automatically logged in with your SSO credentials.

If you would like to access DAS or any of the endpoints:

Note that these can be accessed with your workload user name and workload password. If you were following this tutorial from the beginning, you should have set the workload password in Set workload password. For instructions on how to find your workload user name, refer to Finding your workload user name. For example, if you would like to connect to JDBC or ODBC, use workload credentials.