Upscale the cluster

Use the resize option to upscale a cluster.

If you would like to resize a cluster:
  1. From cluster details select Actions > Resize:
  2. Select the host group that you would like to upscale and then click on + to increment the number of nodes. For example, you can resize the worker host group from 4 to 5 nodes:
  3. Your cluster status will change from Running to Update in Progress. You will see messages similar to the following written to the Event History:
    Cluster scaled up
    8/20/2019, 6:23:24 PM
    Scaling up the cluster
    8/20/2019, 6:14:05 PM
    Stack successfully upscaled
    8/20/2019, 6:14:04 PM
    Mounting disks on new nodes
    8/20/2019, 6:14:04 PM
    Bootstrapping new nodes
    8/20/2019, 6:13:48 PM
    Infrastructure metadata extension finished
    8/20/2019, 6:13:48 PM
    Billing changed due to upscaling of cluster infrastructure
    8/20/2019, 6:13:47 PM
    Adding 1 new instances to the infrastructure
    8/20/2019, 6:12:34 PM
  4. Once the upscale is completed, your cluster status will change to Running and the cluster will again be accessible.