SSH to the cluster

To connect to a cluster node through SSH, obtain the cluster node IP address and then use either the user's SSH private key or your workload credentials.

To SSH to the cluster using your workload credentials:

  • Cluster node’s public IP.
  • Your workload user name and workload password.
  • If you were following this tutorial from the beginning, you should have set the workload password in Set workload password.
  • For instructions on how to find your workload user name, refer to Finding your workload user name.

You can obtain the IP from cluster details > Hardware tab:

On a Mac, you can SSH by using the following and then, when prompted, providing your workload password:

$ ssh user@nodeIPaddress

For example:

$ ssh jsmith@

To SSH to a cluster using the private key file that pairs with the public key associated with a user, use the ssh utility:

$ ssh -i path-to-private-key-file user@nodeIPaddress

For example:

$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/my-private.key jsmith@

On Windows, you should use an SSH client such as PuTTY. For more information, refer to How to use PuTTY on Windows.