SSH to the cluster

If you would like to SSH to a cluster, obtain cluster node’s IP address from cluster details and SSH by using you FreeIPA credentials.

In order to SSH to a cluster, you need:

  • Cluster node’s public IP.
  • Your workload user name and FreeIPA password.
  • If you were following this tutorial from the beginning, you should have set the FreeIPA password in Set FreeIPA Password.
  • For instructions on how to find your workload user name, refer to Finding Your Workload User Name.

You can obtain the IP from cluster details > Hardware tab:

On a Mac, you can SSH by using the following and then, when prompted, providing your FreeIPA password:


For example:


On Windows, you should use an SSH client such as PuTTY. For more information, refer to How to use PuTTY on Windows.