Create a cluster by using a custom image

Once you have registered your image catalog, you can use your custom image(s) when creating a cluster.

  1. In the create cluster wizard, make sure that you are using the advanced wizard version.
  2. Navigate to the Image Settings section of the wizard.
  3. Under Choose Image Catalog, select your custom image catalog.
  4. Under Choose Image Type, select “Base Image”.
  5. Under Choose Image, select the provider-specific image that you would like to use. The “os” that you specified in the image catalog will be displayed in the selection and the content of the “description” will be displayed in green.
  6. You can leave the default entries for the Cloudera Manager and Cloudera Runtime repositories, or you can customize to point to specific versions of Cloudera Manager and Cloudera Runtime that you would like to use for the cluster.