Image catalog structure

Use this information as a reference for creating a valid image catalog.

The image catalog JSON file includes the following two high-level sections:

  • images: Contains information about the created images. The burned images are stored in the base-images section.
  • versions: Contains the cloudbreak entry, which includes mapping between Data Hub versions and the image identifiers of burned images available for these Data Hub versions.

The images section

The burned images are stored in the base-images sub-section of images. The base-images section stores one or more image “records”. Every image “record” must contain the date, description, images, os, os_type, and uuid fields.

Parameter Description
date Date for your image catalog entry.
description Description for your image catalog entry.
images The image sets by cloud provider. For AWS, an image set must store the virtual machine image IDs by the related region of the provider. The virtual machine image IDs come from the result of the image burning process and must be an existing identifier of a virtual machine image on the related provider side.
os The operating system used in the image.
os_type The type of operating system which will be used to determine the default Cloudera Manager and CDP Distro repositories to use. Set os_type to “redhat6” for amazonlinux or centos6 images. Set os_type to “redhat7” for centos7 or rhel7 images.
uuid The uuid field must be a unique identifier within the file. You can generate it or select it manually. The utility uuidgen available from your command line is a convenient way to generate a unique ID.
package-versions The package versions used for Salt (salt) and Salt Bootstrap (salt-bootstrap).

The versions section

The versions section includes a single “cloudbreak” entry, which maps the uuids to a specific Data Hub version:

Parameter Description
images Image uuid, same as the one that you specified in the base-images section.
versions The Data Hub version(s) for which you would like to use the images.